Байгууллагын хариуцлагын даатгал


This type of insurance aims to provide compensation to the Liability for loss of life or health of a third person due to unlawful activities in the land where the insured operates.

Insurance Risk

  • Other’s health, life
  • Other’s property

Insurace valuation fee

The total amount of liability shall be set at no less than MNT10 million, depending on the nature and extent of the business activity of the insured.

Insurance claim

The insurer shall compensate the damages caused on behalf of the insured decision of the court of Mongolia and the extent of the damages to be made by the competent commission. The decision of the court shall be the final decision and if the insured intends to appeal to the next court, the compensation shall not be paid until the court decision is reached. Court costs are reimbursed based on the standard tariffs in the insurance premium. An insured person shall be liable for his / her attorney's expense unless he / she chooses an attorney's advocate. In the case of the lower court, the Court of Appeal shall be liable to reimbursement of the attorney's fees if the Insured has selected his / her advocate on the appellate court. Stamp duty fee shall be reimbursed for the amount specified by law. The aggregate claims claimed by the third party due to insurance cases will result in a proportionate proportion of court costs when it exceeds the liability.

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