Ачаа барааны даатгал


This type of insurance aims to compensate for damages caused by unexpected and unpredictable ready-made and semi-finished products in the premises of your corporation's owned and leased warehouses and products.

Valuation:  Total value of the insurance item shall be determined on the basis of the monthly balance of the outstanding balance of the item and the balance of the item in the warehouse for each item of goods

Insured items:  Goods, ready-made products, semi-finished products, raw materials for keeping in storage space.

Main risks

  •  Natural Risk: / earthquake, forest fires, thunderstorms, snow and dust storms, heavy hails, floods etc.
  •  Fire hazard: fire / fire, explosion, explosion and electricity risk /
  •  Water risk: / Damage to plumbing, freezing of the heating pipe in the house, damage to the fracture, and any damages caused by leakage from the roof of the renting house /

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