Гэнэтийн ослын даатгал


This type of insurance aims to provide compensation to the insured and his family in case of his/her temporary loss of labor capacity, partial permanent loss, full permanent loss of labor capacity or death due to all types of sudden accidents happened to the insured ones at any place in the territory of Mongolia at any time .

Insurable Risks

  1. All types of catastrophic risks
  2. Manufacturing related risks
  3. Household risks
  4. Damaged caused to you by pets and animals
  5. Exposure to cold assault such as  killing, beatings, knife attack and others
  6. Playground risks an outdoor and indoor area where children can get hurt.  
  7. Mining related risks such as a collapsing, erosion and slidings
  8. Sports injury risks such as a injuries occur during sport, athletic activities or exercising 

Insurance valuation and premium

The insurance premium depending on the insured one’s occupation, specialty, period of insurance coverage and insurance score.

Insurance coverage terms and conditions

  1. Insurance coverage will be 100% compensation of insured amount for full permanent loss of labor capacity or death  
  2. The insured shall be compensated for the amount of his / her ability to work in the event of a loss of ability to work, depending on the date of the outcome of the outpatient and the contracted hospital date
  1. If you have been treated for 45 days, you will be give a 0.3%
  2. If you have been treated for more than 46 days, you will be give a 0.5%
  3. If you have a sick or disabled pensions for a term od more than 91 days, you will be compensated at the following rates:
  • 30% , if received disability pension for 3 months
  • 50 % ,if received disability pension for 6 months
  • 100%, if received disability pension for 12 months

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