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The damages caused to other people’s life, health or property due to a driver’s negligent driving will be compensated.

Insured Risk

The following risks caused to others by the driver operating the vehicle

  • Life
  • Health
  • Property damage

Who will be involved in this insurance?

• Each citizen owning a vehicle

• Drivers and C / D classification drivers are compulsory, regardless of the owner of the vehicle

Basic premium

  • classification "A" liability up to 5,000,000MNT –Basic premium 12,500MNT
  • classification "B" liability up to 5,000,000MNT - Basic premium 33,000MNT
  • classification "C" liability up to 10,000,000MNT- Basic premium 42,500MNT
  • classification "D" liability up to 10,000,000MNT -Basic premium 53,000MNT
  • Vehicle of the classification "Mechanism" liability up to 5,000MNT- Basic premium 12,500MNT
  • Professional drivers and drivers driving vehicles of classification "C" and "D"- basic premium 33,000MNT

The base insurance premium shall be calculated with an increase or depreciation by the following quotient

11.1.1. depending on the territorial location of using the transportation vehicle;

11.1.2. depending on the number of insurance events occurred through the fault of the insure and amounts of the provided compensations during the period of previous contracts;

11.1.3. Depending on the age of insured and experience of driving an auto transportation vehicle; 11.1.4. Depending on the period of the insurance contract;

11.1.5. Depending on whether false information is intentionally provided to affect the process to determine the insurance fee amount lower than the requirement in the regulation or to increase the insurance compensation;

11.1.6. The number of driver using the transportation vehicle;

11.1.7. Capacity of the transportation vehicle, number of passenger seats and power or the engine; 11.1.8. Purpose of the transportation vehicle;

11.1.9. Whether there is a trailer.


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